What pool design should I choose for my new swimming pool? 

If you are considering adding an inground swimming pool to your Sydney home, you have a lot of decisions to make.

  • What kind of swimming pool will you want?
  • What will the primary function of the swimming pool be?
  • Will you want to swim laps?
  • Are you short on space?

Your new inground concrete swimming pool can be built to any size or shape or style that you (and your budget) can imagine... There are endless pool designs. Some swimming pool designs will be dictated by the shape and size of your Sydney property, but you may be surprised by just how many options there are.

Award Pools Group has client sites around Sydney with different concrete pool designs that you can view. Design examples include:

Formal Pool Designs

Formal inground concrete swimming pools are elegant and timeless. Symmetrical or geometric shapes such as a circle, square, rectangle, or oval will be part of the overall pool design. The most formal kind of pool is one raised and surrounded with brick or stone walls. A sunken pool may also have a formal appearance if it is symmetrical in shape and surrounded by a border of paving / coping and structured landscaping.

The straight lines of formal inground pools are consistent with the uncluttered appearance of a formal home.  The style remains popular due to its timeless nature.

Geometric Pool Designs

Geometric pools have very straight lines. The pool will often reflect one or several standard square or rectangular shapes in the design. These swimming pools are typically more traditional looking.

For people with block size limitations, the geometric pool often allows for a contemporary design that can fit well into any size block. However, a geometric pool can be created into a more formal and up-market design.An inground concrete geometric pool will withstand the changes in pool design trends due to its simplicity in nature.

Indoor Pool Designs

Many people are interested in an indoor pool for recreation, exercise, therapeutics and just plain fun. An indoor pool is a great idea for year-round swimming.

Before you begin the design of an indoor pool building, you should consult a licensed professional like Award Pools Group with experience in the design and construction of indoor pools.

Lap Pool Designs

Inground concrete lap pools are usually narrow and long. The pool design is practical and will facilitate swimming for both health and fitness.

Natural Freeform Pools

A natural freeform pool is a lagoon style pool. This concrete pool design has a very natural approach. It usually has rock features and is built to have an oasis effect.

Vanishing Edge / Infinity Pool Designs

A vanishing edge pool (also named negative edge or infinity edge pool) is an inground swimming pool that produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon, vanishing or extending to "infinity".  This style of pool will blend the pool water into the horizon without a wall to stop the effect. The vanishing edge effect works by putting a weir (dip) below.

The pool designers at Award Pools Group will take into account your dreams and the scope of your Sydney home and present you with the best inground concrete pool designs. Look at our Gallery for some examples or Request a Quote today


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