New Swimming Pool Price Guide

Cost of building a swimming pool in Sydney

Do you want to be the coolest family on the block this summer? A swimming pool can add value to your home and lifestyle, if you do it the right way. But what does an inground concrete swimming pool cost in Sydney these days?

Installing a quality swimming pool in your backyard is not cheap, but it can also add value to your home, making it a worthwhile consideration, particularly when you think about the many hours of enjoyment you will get from your new pool.

What can an inground swimming pool cost?

Here is a guide for inground swimming pool prices in Sydney and what you will get within different pricing categories. The pricing guide is approximate ONLY as each and every pool site is different.  Swimming pool prices vary depend on whether you want a very simple design or a more complex design with special features.

Award Pools Group offers three pricing categories to help you prioritise the features you want in your pool. Remember these prices are based on Sydney swimming pool costs.

Some of the inclusions mentioned below will be included but not all.

$90,000 to $120,000

This is the starting price range for a concrete swimming pool assuming the site is flat with good machinery access. This will give you a pool size from 7 to 10 m long with basic filtration and chlorination , beadcrete interior, waterline tiles, coping, all insurances, basic site costs, solar heating and the removal of excess soil.

$120,000 to $170,000

This concrete swimming pool price range would include some but not all of the following  elements like water features, fully tiled interior, in-floor cleaning system, pool automation, solar heaters or heat pumps, swim jets, incorporated spa to name but a few luxury extras.


This upper bracket includes even more added features like negative edges, wet deck pool surrounds, glass windows and walls, motorised pool covers and also the access cost of extremely difficult and deeply sloped sites.

Swimming pool price exclusions

Please note that like most concrete pool builders, the inground pool prices quoted DO NOT include the following standard components: council, private certifier and Sydney Water approval fees, electrical installation, fencing, landscaping including retaining walls, gardens, pool surrounds, rock excavation and diversion of existing services. These are swimming pool costs you will have to factor in.

Honest quotes for swimming pools

There is no denying that inground pool prices vary enormously. From $70,000 for a small basic pool to over $150,000, there are all sorts of choices to be made from what type of fence to what type of border tile to put in.

Award Pools Group always gives honest advice and we pride ourselves on not quoting for a 'cheap pool' and then adding in unexpected extras once the work has begun.

Making your decision

We want you to enjoy a stress free swimming pool construction process and regardless of whether you choose the simplest design with no added extras or a pool with all the trimmings, rest assured that quality, excellence, and fine attention to detail are paramount in each and every Award pool!!!

Our final word


1. Unfinished pool design

Commencing your swimming pool construction without the entire project being designed. Good design will ensure it is not only functional but adds value aesthetically and financially.

2. Paralysis by analysis

This is when someone gets 10-15 or more cost estimates for swimming pool construction and then cannot make a decision because they have become so confused. Do your due diligence and get 3 or 4 price estimates from reputable swimming pool companies. Then make your decision and go with it.

3. Not checking out the experience level, history, or background of a pool builder

What makes them qualified to build swimming pools? Consider the saying: "If you think the cost of a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur".

4. Shopping based on price

Usually if a deal seems too good to be true, it is! If you shop for cheap pools in Sydney, looking at price alone, you are destined to be disappointed. Bottom line: you usually get what you pay for.

5. Shopping over the phone for a pool

It is impossible and a waste of time. Visit the pool builder or have them come to your home to provide you with an estimate. Visiting a pool builder's place of business will tell you a lot about the type of business it is. Ask to visit other Sydney swimming pool client sites that they have built.

6. Assuming swimming pools cost less to build in winter

We have seen increases in steel prices, concrete shortages, gas increases, and insurance premium hikes. Swimming pool construction costs don't get cheaper as time goes on: swimming pools will never be less expensive than they are today.

7. After sales service

Never assume the pool builder you engage has an after sales service. Make sure they do!

Please view the Award Pools Group Gallery or Request a Quote today. We can arrange for you to visit Sydney swimming pool client sites to see our workmanship first hand. 

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