In-Floor Swimming Pool Cleaning

The PCC2000 Cleaning & Circulation System keeps your pool clean and healthy with a virtually invisible, automatic dirt and debris removal system designed specifically for each individual pool or spa. The patented PCC2000 system is available exclusively through specially trained and licensed builders, ensuring the ongoing quality and reliability of the system.

PCC2000 is a system that is custom engineered (through the use of CAD engineering software) specifically for the pool you create. The pop-up spray nozzles are built into your pool during construction, and will clean steps, benches, fountains, walls and spas, allowing you all the flexibility you could desire when designing your pool.



Contact Award Pools about having the PCC2000 Cleaning & Circulation System installed in your new swimming pool.

To the Award Team, The Grant Family would like to take this opportunity to thank Award Pools and all of your staff for providing our family with a world class pool. I would like to express our great delight in accepting an Award Pools design, and as you can appreciate trying to find the rig...

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